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Fabrication and Welding

At Oilquip our highly experienced and qualified fabricators are capable of cutting, bending and welding any type of metal you require. All of our materials can be shot blasted to provide you with the finest and strongest product available. We have a large range of machinery such as rollers, crankers, punches and various saws. Our welders are highly qualified with MIG, TIG and ARC tools to help complete any task, plus with our overhead cranes and large warehouse no job is too big for us. Under the EEMUA 158 coding we can efficiently provide a top quality product.


For best results we use all types of welding methods MIG, TIG and ARC. We understand the importance of a strong weld which is why a single joint can take multiple tools.

Metal Insert Gas(MIG) constantly feeds a spool of welding wire that will melt and fuse both metals together.

Tungsten Insert Gas(TIG) has an adjustable power level making it more delicate and used on thinner metals and finer welds.

ARC welding is the oldest and hardest technique to master, however it can be the most efficient for the task. It produces an arc of electricity to burn and melt the strongest of metals.


Plasma Cutter

A plasma cutting machine is the fastest and most accurate way to cut thick metals. It triumphs greatly over its predecessor, Laser cutting. We use a state of the art Plasma cutter to provide you with precise cuts and shapes.

Grinding / Fettling

We use a grinding and fettling process to prove the smoothest finish, this also helps to eliminate dangerously sharp edges and splinters.

Overhead crane

Our powerful overhead crane is capable of lifting loads too heavy for standard machines, to efficiently and carefully manage all products.


Our industrial rolling machine is capable of smooth bends and perfect arcs of large square and circular pipes or bars.

Shot Blasting

We use an Air blasting process to remove mill scale and taking insert to bare metal for continuity, this process will also help Aluminium bond to the insert.