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High Pressure Couplings & Hoses
Oilquip offer a complete range of couplings including high pressure quick disconnect self healing couplings, in numerous materials of stainless steel 316L and alloy 400. Hose couplings are available ex-stock both one and two piece forms, in all threads. In addition any other couplings can be manufactured to your requirement upon request .

We provide a range of fire rated control hoses with male sub & wing nut selfsealing couplings. These are also avaiable with SAE or swivel flange connections. Quality Assurance is in accordance with DIN to the standard 50049.3.1.B. Oilquip can offer proof tests of up to 30,000 PSI, and burst test of up to 60,000 PSI.


All rotary and vibrator hoses are manufactured to API Spec.7.K.
The Oilquiop range of hoses covers the complete Oil Industry:
  • Oil exploration
  • Oil production
  • Oil transportation
  • Oil refinery
  • Oil field construction

Hoses with internal stainless steel stripwound tubes for the transportation of oil, oil-gas, gas, water, suitable for vacuum service can be designed for combined functions which can be used in the following areas of the Offshore theatre of operations.

Flowlines (acc. To API RP 17 - B bonded type) - rises - production test lines - export lines - jumper hoses, spool pieces and tie in hoses - Hydraulic pile driving hoses in long length - burner hoses - well test lines - subsea crude oil hoses.


Choke And Kill Hoses

Oilquip can provide an elastormeric flexible hoseline, which is not prone to the so-called cold flow or creep, which is inevitable with thermoplastic tube materials. The hoseline can be uniformly bent in any direction, thus meaning it can be transported and moved with the greatest of ease.
Apart from the pressure resistant lining, the high strength steel cable reinforcements and cover, there are no other special constructional elements used. The cover can be normal, flame resistant or externally armoured with and interlock stainless steel tube.

Sizes range from 2" to 4" hose ID with working pressures of 5,000 psi and 10,000 psi.

 Hoses are available in manual or remote operation for use in the following pressure ratings and services:

Pressure Ratings        
Max Working Pressure 1,500 PSI 2,000 PSI 3,000 PSI 4,000 PSI
Test Pressure 2,250 PSI 3,000 PSI 4,500 PSI 8,000 PSI

Pressure Ratings (continued)        
Max Working Pressure 5,000 PSI 7,500 PSI 10,000 PSI 15,000 PSI
Test Pressure 7,530 PSI 11,250 PSI 15,000 PSI 22,500 PSI